What is Geofencing?


So what exactly is geofencing and why would you want it? Geofencing allows you to set a geographical parameter to trigger an action.  We then tie those actions to home automation actions. It’s an imaginary boundary, in which rules and notifications can set to interact with your smart home.

You can utilize this feature to create a set of perimeters around your home or business.

Once the boundaries are crossed they trigger actions from your smart devices. Mobile alerts can be sent to alert you to arm and disarm the alarm system, turn on or off lights, adjust heating temperature controls, and even control video surveillance based on your smart device’s location.

Making your Smart Home or Business even Smarter

When a home becomes a smart home, geofencing can sync devices such as a thermostat, lights, appliances, and security system. It also allows individuals to personalize their day with their family’s or business’ schedule and preferences. For example, when all employees have left for the day and moved beyond the geofence,  personalized settings can activate a specific thermostat level, turn off the lights or appliances that should no longer be in use, and lock the doors, and set your alarm.

You will never have to wonder if you forgot to turn down the air conditioning. Families can arrive at home after a long day to a well-lit home, with its temperature set to your perfect preference and the alarm system disarmed. Employees can arrive at a well-lit store that is warm and inviting to start a productive day without the worry of accidentally tripping the alarm system. When synced to a geofence, a home or business can operate at its full potential.

It’s All About The Kids

Many children and teens are now accustomed to carrying and using a mobile phone. Most parents are now choosing to provide their youngster with a phone for “security reasons, so my child can always contact me.”

Families can now benefit from the added layer of security with geofencing to keep track of when your children come and go. They can know the exact moment their child arrives home from school, practice or a friend’s home.

Ask An Expert

Geofencing is one option to consider when creating a comprehensive home security plan. La Alarm’s focus is security and smart homes system across South Louisiana from Slidell to New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette plus every where in between.

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