Baton Rouge Home Security experts at La Alarms -Buying your first home can be a quite hectic time, to say the least. Many new homeowners are constantly familiarizing themselves with the new aspects of owning a home, right down to learning about how to protect their residence. Here are some of the best tips new homeowners can use to keep their residence safe:

  • Meet the Neighbors. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with their surroundings, and what better way than to get to know the neighbors? This can create positive relationships with others in the neighborhood, which can be helpful if a homeowner needs a neighbor to watch their home while their away on vacation. Getting involved in the community can also help homeowners become aware of the happenings in the surrounding area, providing further insight into the precautions that need to be made.
  • Keep the Home Up to Date. Always make sure windows, doors, and locks are kept up to date, meaning that these items are functioning properly. Perform any maintenance, such as sealing up a crack in the wall or fixing a loose screw in the front door screen. Testing windows to make sure they are locked can be a simple—yet powerful—way to keep the home secure.
  • Lock Change. If a homeowner has purchased a used home, there's no telling how many people have a key to the locks on the house. New homeowners should change locks as soon as possible, an action that may further protect the home. La Alarms carries and installs the Kwikset Smart Locks.
  • Install Security Systems. The installation of a security system is one of the most powerful ways homeowners can fight against intrusion and secure their home. A security system will notify homeowners if an intruder has been noticed, a handy tool for homeowners that are out of town. Security systems may also notify authorities immediately as soon as a break in occurs, signified by alarms, lights, and other sounds. These components help to protect the home and its inhabitants.

These are just a few of the many ways homeowners can protect their home and their family. For information on a La Alarms system click here